1. Outcall Massage to Your Hotel in Idaho Falls

    Summer has gone and nights are getting chilly. There is nothing better than to treat yourself to an amazing massage.  If you are staying in Idaho falls for business call Rhonda for a great massage. Whether you have everyday aches and pains, more chronic issues such as low back pain , need to destress or simply feel like you deserve to pamper yourself—Rhonda can help. Rhonda is available until l…Read More

  2. Outcall Massage Idaho Falls—for your convenience

    Here at massage Idaho falls as well as the convenient location of my downtown massage office I also offer a mobile massage service. It's especially great if are traveling, long drive or long flight. I bring all my professional tools, including massage table, to your location,  hotel or home. No stress for you, no driving, no having to find my location.  It's still the same great massage as you w…Read More

  3. Call Massage Idaho Falls to Ease Pain and Relax

    We're not quite in the sunny weather yet, but it's getting there. Spring is here and sporting activities are getting going. Here at massage Idaho falls I'm ready to help you deal with any aches and pains that sporting activities may throw your way. If you're a runner you may be suffering from aching calves. Crossfire? Well that's a workout and a half ! Sore hamstrings and quads? Trapezius muscle a…Read More

  4. Massage Idaho Falls—Therapist’s Scope of Practice

    At Massage Idaho Falls you can count on a wonderful relaxation massage. If you prefer deep tissue you can be certain of a real deep tissue massage. If you have pain in shoulders or lower back you will find at least some relief from your pain. Rhonda may incorporate some stretching. What you will not get is a diagnosis or manipulation of your bones. There  will be no "putting your back in". There …Read More

  5. Massage Idaho Falls—Education

    At Massage Idaho Falls every client loves Rhonda's massages, whether she's performing relaxation massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy or sports massage.  The usual comments include "That's the best massage I've ever had" or "You've got magic hands". Another comment that has been asked several times: "Did you go to school for this?" Even though the massage is amazing. Rhond…Read More

  6. Buy Gift Certificates at Massage Idaho Falls

    Christmas is not far away. Here at Massage Idaho Falls we have the perfect gift idea. A massage gift certificate is the ideal gift for any occasion, birthday, anniversary, employee appreciation or for no other reason that just make someone's  day. Gift certificates for Massage Idaho Falls are for a selection of services in addition to massage therapy. These other services include full body sugar …Read More

  7. Relax at Idaho Falls Massage by Rhonda

    Rhonda of Idaho falls massage can help improve Life is full of many stresses, work, family obligations, money and more. work is stressful whether it be mentally exhausting or physically exhausting worried. Stress is the cause off so many illnesses so it is beneficial to take some time for yourself and get a massage. Frequent headaches, insomnia, changes in eating habits, including overeating, lack…Read More

  8. Time for a Massage in Idaho Falls

    There are lots of occasions that its time for a massage in Idaho Falls with Licensed Massage Therapist Rhonda. Maybe you are stressed out by a mentally draining day at the office, or just got off a long day of the airport/flying scenario. Maybe you've been doing some physically demanding work or playing hard at the weekend. You're still getting shoulder pain...it's been 3 weeks now and nothing has…Read More

  9. Idaho Falls Massage—Essential Oils

    Essential oils have been around since the time of Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. What are essential oils? Don't think of thick greasy substances such as grape seed oil. No, they are liquids that are distilled from plants. They can come from seeds, bark, flowers, roots etc. The molecules of essential oils are so small that they easily penetrate the skin. They say that essential oils have many use…Read More

  10. Massage Idaho Falls—Massage Lotions

    Here at Massage Idaho falls Rhonda uses top grade professional massage lotions. Lotions that are best for the long flowing strokes of Swedish massage and general relaxation massage are selected from top quality brand Biotone. Rhonda does not use oil. Massage oils will leave the massage client sticky and uncomfortable after the massage. It will leave residue on their clothing. Massage oil also leav…Read More