Let us tell you why massage Idaho falls by Rhonda is a much better option than one of the new massage franchises that are popping up theae days.
Have you had bad experiences at a massage franchise?
When you visit Massage Idaho Falls by Rhonda in Idaho Falls you will get:

  • Consistently better service than a massage franchise
  • The same therapist on every visit. It’s not a hit and miss like the massage franchises.
  • No contact
  • No cookie cutter massage
  • & you always get the full hour, or full 90 minutes etc.
  • It’s a full hour hands on , not like the massage franchise where one hour means 50 minutes.
  • Here at massage by Rhonda in Idaho Falls you get a quality massage at a reasonable price.
  • Great atmosphere, no little add on prices for aromatherapy or hot towels.

Come to massage Idaho falls and you will not be disappointed.