Let us tell you why you should schedule a massage with Rhonda.
Idaho Falls massage is preferred for many reasons.
Unlike some franchises and spas a 60 minute massage means 60 minutes hands on massage. Many places deduct 10 mins from the hour to make time for undressing and dressing.
Here at Idaho Falls Massage Rhonda schedules adequate time between each massage so that you need never feel rushed (your on time arrival with help facilitate this)

Rhonda includes complementary hot towels and aromatherapy. Some places like to nickel and dime you by charging for these extras.
Not at Idaho Falls massage. Rhonda wants you to have a great massage experience.

Rhonda has a beautiful and inviting office. She believes clinical settings are best reserved for doctor’s and dental offices.

While regular massage is ideal at Idaho Falls Massage your credit card is not held hostage monthly, no contract.

You will truly experience the best massage in Idaho Falls.
Forget about a franchise, forget about mediocre massage therapists and call Rhonda at Idaho Falls massage.