Let Rhonda at Massage Idaho Falls help you feel better, physically, emotionally and mentally.
The cold and dreary days have arrived. First the chilly weather and dull days of Fall. Then we will face the extreme bitter cold and dismal days of winter.
Lack of sunshine depletes us of vitamin D, and lack of vitamin D can lead to depression. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
Massage helps lift your spirits. At massage Idaho falls Rhonda also uses essential oils for aromatherapy to uplift your spirits.
For example citrus scents such as wild orange, lemon and lime are great for changing your mood to a more positive one.

Winter also brings us more aches and pains, the cold weather can make your bones and muscles ache, at times making you feel like your body is seizing up.

At massage Idaho Falls Rhonda’s amazing massage will relax your muscles with either Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular therapy and some stretching.
Rhonda uses professional lotions including menthol deep heating creams. The moist hot heat from hot towels also helps deep into the muscles.
For the very best treatment to ease the winter blues schedule a massage with Idaho Falls’ best massage therapist, Rhonda.
Massage Idaho Falls is simply the best.