At Massage Idaho Falls every client loves Rhonda’s massages, whether she’s performing relaxation massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy or sports massage.  The usual comments include “That’s the best massage I’ve ever had” or “You’ve got magic hands”.

Another comment that has been asked several times:

“Did you go to school for this?”

Even though the massage is amazing. Rhonda has a gift for massage, and her techniques are excellent. Yes, she did go to Massage School.

Education and continuing education does not stop with the massage therapist. The public needs to be educated on what massage is, on what massage does, the health benefits of massage and that massage therapists are educated in massage therapy. Exams were passed. Massage therapists have just recently received licensure in the state of Idaho. A certain level of education is required to become licensed. A certain number of  Continuing Education hours is required for license renewal.  Even before state licensure Idaho Falls had a city license in order to practice massage therapy in this town.

Rhonda attended The College of Massage Therapy at Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot, Idaho. Here she received a rounded education in massage therapy.

OK, now people if you are reading this blog article you will realize that all professional massage therapists have been educated. In the  art of massage therapy. Hands on techniques and skills are of the utmost importance.  The future therapists practice long and conscientiously the classic Swedish massage. They learn the flowing strokes of effleurage, the kneading technique of petrissage, vibration, tapotement and friction.  They learn deep tissue techniques, neuromuscular skills. They are also introduced to sports massage,  myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, geriatric massage to name several.

What some people may not realize is that the students spend a huge section of the course studying anatomy and physiology. Massage therapists need to understand how to know how the body works, with major emphasis on muscles and their individual uses. Another major part of the body studied in detail. All the body systems are studied.

Pathology, the study of medical conditions and diseases, is studied. This is really important as it helps the therapist determine which conditions are contraindicated for massage. Studying pathology prevents the spread of disease from client to therapist and vice versa. It protects the therapist and the client. The students study ethics, business and marketing, and how to massage certain populations such as pregnant women, children and the geriatric population.

Massage study prepares the future therapists to clinically assess clients. They learn  to keep notes on the client’s condition and course of treatment.  The

Other areas of study include aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and history of massage.

Massage therapists are required to continue their education. Some just get along with the minimum required. Others like Rhonda strive to educate themselves in different techniques and modalities. Rhonda believes she is always learning and will continue to learn. This makes for excellent therapist.

So now anyone reading this who has never had a massage, you can see it’s more than a “body rub” or a “back rub”. And above all anyone who didn’t realize that massage therapists are educated in massage, well now you have been educated.

Rhonda at Massage Idaho Falls is evidence of not only being a natural may massage but is indeed knowledgeable in many aspects of massage and procedures.