At massage Idaho Falls feel assured that your massage is customized for you, no cookie cutter massage at massage Idaho Falls.

This includes just the right pressure for you.
Rhonda will listen to your needs.
She will check in with you at times to check on the pressure, but in order not to spoil your relaxation she will tell you to let her know at any stage whether you’d like the pressure a little deeper or lighter.

Some people love deep pressure all over, some think they love deep tissue all over – until maybe the therapist reaches more tender areas such as your calves. Rhonda will adjust the pressure accordingly.

Also it has been known that some therapists will ease off the pressure when you fall asleep and fail to put their best effort in. Rhonda conscientiously maintains the desired pressure that you requested.

As in every other aspect of their massage the therapist at massage Idaho Falls offers the most professional care.