Here at Massage Idaho falls Rhonda uses top grade professional massage lotions.

Lotions that are best for the long flowing strokes of Swedish massage and general relaxation massage are selected from top quality brand Biotone. Rhonda does not use oil. Massage oils will leave the massage client sticky and uncomfortable after the massage. It will leave residue on their clothing. Massage oil also leaves a residue on the sheets. Despite laundering the sheets in a quality laundry detergent in a short time the sheets will become stained with oil and accumulate a rancid smell. Certainly not a pleasant experience when you are lying face down and the smell of rancid oil is prevalent to your senses. Lotion does not do this, in fact it feels light and moisturizing on the body. Rhonda makes certain to use hypoallergenic products.

Deep tissue requires a product that is not so smooth and gliding. Deep tissue required concentrated efforts on specific areas at a time. Massage cream is usually a good option for this. It provides just enough smoothness on skin so not as to allow the thumbs or hands to slip away from the specific area you are concentrating deep tissue on, while still allowing for just enough movement over area so as not to put painful friction on the skin.

Icy hot or deep heating creams and lotions are great additions when someone is suffering from simple aches like tight calves to more chronic pain like lower back pain. Rhonda prefers to use Polar Ice lotion by Biotone for the icy hot product.
For the deep heating creams and lotions Rhonda uses Doterra Deep Blue or Prossage.

At massage Idaho Falls you can expect these professional massage products. This is because Massage Idaho Falls by Rhonda desires to bring a quality massage to you.