Try a massage idaho falls relaxation experience ! when you schedule with massage therapist, Rhonda, you can expect an amazing massage.
She will tailor the massage to your needs.
60 minutes or 90 minutes or even a 2 hour massage.

You will be lying on a comfortable massage table, toasty warm heated table !! Rhonda will put some essential oil on the face rest, so you can enjoy the light aroma during massage. Eucalyptus is always a great choice, as it helps breathing during the massage, or Lavender is another popular choice, great for stress relief. This is always optional, you can decide to have no aromatherapy used.

Rhonda will have asked you whether you prefer light, medium or deeper pressure. She will check in with a little bit at the beginning, but she doesn’t want to spoil the entire massage by interrupting your sense of deep relaxation. So she will be open to you telling her at anytime if you want her to ease off on the pressure or add a little more.

Rhonda loves to give relaxation massage. She is not a chatterbox, but if you feel like talking a little she will oblige.
For the most relaxation and stress relief it’s best to just let your mind silence itself, enjoy the therapeutic touch, long flowing strokes and get lost in the ambient music, the aroma of the oils and the toasty warm table.

Rhonda provides draping for your comfort level, generally a sheet. You can opt for a towel, or if you need extra warmth Rhonda will add a blanket for your comfort.
Rhonda will incorporate hot towel therapy into your massage session. Feels great!

Rhonda wants every client to leave feeling like they got a quality massage. She wants your massage experience to be the best massage in Idaho Falls.

For the best massage therapy, look no further than massage Idaho falls by Rhonda.