At Massage Idaho Falls you can count on a wonderful relaxation massage. If you prefer deep tissue you can be certain of a real deep tissue massage. If you have pain in shoulders or lower back you will find at least some relief from your pain. Rhonda may incorporate some stretching.

What you will not get is a diagnosis or manipulation of your bones. There  will be no “putting your back in”. There will be no “putting your ribs in”.

There will be no nutritional advice. There will be no telling you that your doctor has made the wrong diagnosis.

Occasionally Rhonda may see a suspicious looking mole on your back. Occasionally she may discover a lump on your body while massaging. Occasionally someone mentions certain symptoms on their health intake form that sound not so good. In these instances Rhonda will suggest you have it checked out by a doctor.

Diagnosing or giving health advice is outside the massage therapist’s scope of practice.

So just come in to see Rhonda at Massage Idaho Falls!