Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a holistic treatment, based on Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India. It is an energy based work, which means you work with the subtle energies of the body. It is highly beneficial in certain life situations, such as grief and chronic pain.

Some of you will be familiar with Reiki. While Reiki is also an energy based treatment it does differ from Polarity Therapy. Whereas Reiki is often done without actual physical touch, and sometimes from a distance, during a Polarity session the practitioner making actual physical contact with the client.

Polarity works with electric flow and positive and negative charges in the body.

It is based of the five Cosmic elements:






Blockages can occur and cause ailments on a physical, mental and emotional level. The practitioner during your session works using certain protocols to help clear these blockages and bring balance to your being.

The Polarity Session – $55 (50mins – 1 hour approx)

Before the session I’ll enquire as to what you want from it, as to what issues you are having.

You remain clothed, and lie on my table. I have a heated table and blankets, whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable. I will play some meditative music. A session will last from 50mins to 1 hour. Longer sessions are available. You will experience me (the Practitioner) holding certain areas of your body for several minutes. It is a gentle loving touch.

I have been the receiver of many Polarity sessions and I can truly say it Is a deeply relaxing treatment.

**Please note, this is not massage. The entire focus of a Polarity session is Polarity.

On the other hand, during a massage session it is easy to incorporate a few Polarity holds.

So, if you prefer your bodywork fully clothed or are more into Energy work, I hope you will give me a call and schedule an amazing experience. Any questions please feel free to call.



Thai Massage for the Table (will be offered in the next few weeks!)

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with traditional Thai Massage. It is done on a mat on the floor. The client is dressed in loose clothing and the therapist performs stretches on the client. The best way I can describe it is like yoga, but the therapist is doing the stretches on you.

I’m heading to California in a week’s time to Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage. I have plans next year to learn traditional Thai Massage next year, but I’m starting off with learning the techniques for the table. I’ll incorporate the techniques into my regular massage (If that’s ok with the client). I already do stretches, but this will take it to another level. Maybe some existing or new clients will even want the entire hour of Thai Massage.

In Idaho we have to take a certain amount of continuing education hours per year. I could easily take some simple and cheaper options online. However I really wouldn’t learn anything as worthwhile or valuable to my massage offerings as this. I want to learn it, and and I will be happy to share it with new and existing clients.

Outcall Massage

*Now available outside Idaho Falls City Limits!

I have extended my available area for outcall massage. Great convenience for you. I now travel to Shelly, Blackfoot, Pocatello, Rigby and Rexburg. There is an extra charge on top of outcall rates depending on distance. Within 50 mile radius there is an extra $10 – $50 with a minimum 90 minute massage.

*Outcall outside 50 mile radius.

I can go outside the 50me radius up to a reasonable distance. Most of the places beyond 50 miles radius are not interstate travel, therefore it takes longer. Extra charge is determined by time – $1 per minute travel, both ways, with a 2 hour minimum massage. Calculated travel time is determined by google maps.

* outcall massage outside city limits will depend on weather conditions. This generally applies to extreme wintry conditions. Example a blizzard or any other hazardous road conditions will prevent me from traveling. The further away you are makes it less likely.

More Than One Massage Needed?

I don’t offer traditional couples massage, as I am the only therapist. However I can offer back to back massages. This works best at your location, hotel or home. I have visited homes before and given up to 5 massages in a row. No need to worry about the 4th or 5th person not getting a great massage. I love my work and the last clients to get a massage will get as amazing a massage as the first. I know my limits and have the stamina for multiple massages.

Available for Retreats

If you hosting a retreat and want to other sometimes special to your guests, a massage therapist on site is a great idea. Booking in advance and a deposit is required. Call or email and I can work out a plan and give you a quote.


Increase Productivity With On-Site Corporate Chair Massage

Call for a quote: 208-569-3591